Feed The Widows’/Medical Outreach Programme


Feed The Widows’/Medical Outreach Programme took place as scheduled on 24th October, 2023

Attendance: Over 60 widows from different ethnic and religious background, LASG Health Officials, Ministry of Women Development and Poverty Alleviation (WAPA), representatives of Viabiotics Health organization, and some esteemed donors/friends of the Foundation.

Activities: Health and Wellness talks by Medical Officials of the Health Education Department LASG Ministry of Health, mainly on Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Malaria, Cancers, Mental Health and Health Insurance Scheme. LASG Ministry of Women Development and Poverty Alleviation talked on issues that borders on Widows.

Pharmaceutical and drug sensitization talk as well as free donation of drugs and Bone Density Test by Vitabiotics in attendance.

Distribution of various food items, clothing’s, footwears and cash donations as palliatives to all the widows by our Foundation.

Refreshments served and photographs taken.


Indeed it was a fulfilling day for us All especially the widows who joyfully expressed their delight and happiness at the opportunity given them to attend and benefit from the program.

On our part we are happy too, seeing some of the Vulnerable of our society with smile on their faces.


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